Meet the leaders

Mike Hawkins _Elder.jpg

Mike Hawkins


Mike was one of the founding members of Zion Baptist Church, and saw the birth of the church after a day and a half of prayer.  He has been an elder for over 50 years, and remains passionate about doctrinal truths upon which the church is founded.  Mike has been devoted to the recording ministry of the church to ensure that the Word of God reaches as wide an audience as possible.

John McDermott_Elder.jpg

John McDermott


John joined the church soon after it began and has remained faithful ever since.  He was a deacon for many years before Pastor Glass called him to be an elder. John has a special vision for street evangelism, and has been committed to preaching the gospel in the streets of Glasgow for over 50 years.  John preaches regularly on Sundays, mid-week and in the open air.

Kenneth Cavin_Elder.jpg

Kenneth Cavin


Kenny was first brought to Zion Baptist Church as baby, went to the Sunday School, Bible Class, Youth Group, and was baptised as a young adult.  After many years of faithful service, Kenny became a deacon, then was called to be an elder in 2015.  Kenny preaches regularly on Sundays, mid-week and in the open air.

Robert Steward_Elder.jpg

Robert Stewart


Robert felt God calling him to Zion Baptist Church over 25 years ago, soon after his conversion, to be fed the Word of God under the ministry of Pastor Jack Glass. He was called to be an elder in 2015, and continues to have a real zeal for the deep things of God.  Robert preaches regularly on Sundays, mid-week and in the open air.


Robert Bamford


Robert became a deacon after many years of faithful service in Zion Baptist Church.  Since he came to know the Lord through a gospel leaflet, he has a particular enthusiasm for sharing the gospel, and can often be seen at football matches and other public events distributing gospel leaflets.  Robert preaches regularly midweek and in the open air.