Zion Youth

Zion Baptist has a number of organisations which involve children from three years through their teens into young adulthood.

There is a Sunday School for children ages between 3-9 years. This runs from the start of the Sunday morning preaching to the end of the service. The children are taught Bible stories and the basics of Christian doctrine in an enjoyable format.

There is also the Bible Class, which is for the young people of ages 9-16. Here, their knowledge of the scriptures is extended and taught further about the true, unique doctrine of Zion.

Besides these there are the Young Covenanters who take their name from the Covenanters of Scotland who suffered, in many cases, martyrdom during the "Killing Times" in Scotland rather than betray what they believed.

zion youth The Young Covenanters are split into two groups, Junior and Senior. These are split into clans who compete with each other for prizes and these are gained by the clan with the most points accumulated over the year. While the emphasis of the Covenanters is still on Christian values there is room in the Covenanters for other leisure activities and games. Every two years, the Young Covenanters have a display where they show to the church members and relatives what they have been doing over the previous two years. There is usually a play written by them and also many other pieces.

The Youth Band is another activity, which takes place on Sunday afternoons. This is for the youth that are willing and able to play an instrument. Eventually, after many practises, the band will perform in front of the church. Sometimes the members of the band will recite a solo or a duet which they have prepared themselves.

Every so often a Fellowship Day is arranged for the young people. These days vary in activities, such as going to Loch Lomond, visiting theme parks or even going to the park. Everyone has a great time in each other's company and we always try to fit in a time of prayer and worship.