Protest at 2012 Church of Scotland General Assembly


Zion Baptists Protest

The Church of Scotland has failed to adhere to the Word of God in it's attempt to be politically correct.

It is a sad day when a church founded by a Bible believing Reformer, John Knox, is now being emptied by liberal ministers who have endorsed the appointment of the openly gay, Scott Rennie.

Members from Zion Baptist Church displayed banners and placards proclaiming the Word of God and highlighting the terrible spiritual declension of our national Church.

We call on evangelicals to separate themselves from this apostate church."Wherefore come out from amoung them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you," II Cor 6:17

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Protest at Scottish Parliament


Witness against Same-Sex Marriage

Zion Baptist Church Joined a Christian Witness against Same-sex Marriage.

The protest took place on the final day before the close of the Scottish Government’s public consultation on same-sex marriage.

There were around 65 members from various churches, including the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing), the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland, Zion Baptist Church, and from the United Protestant Council of the UK in addition to representatives from other churches in Scotland, England and Northern Ireland.

Speakers from the various Churches proclaimed the powerful and glorious truth of God’s unchanging Word.

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Protest at General Assembly of the Church of Scotland


Ordination of a Gay Minister

At the opening of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland about thirty Christians, mainly from Zion Baptist Church, made a peaceful protest.

This year the assembly will debate same-sex marriages and decide if it should allow the ordination of homosexual ministers. This follows the appointment of Scott Rennie to Queens Cross Church in Aberdeen in 2009

The demonstrators were there to remind the national church of it's responsibilities in obeying the Word of God rather than following the demands of a secular society

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Protest against Blasphemous Comedy, 26.03.11

Oran Mor, Byres Road.

Christ on a Bike - Richard Herring

About fifty Christians stood outside protesting against this show featuring the comedian, Richard Herring. In a pervious sketch, "Jesus? Stigmata Love", he carries out a vile and filthy attack on Jesus.

Many of the demonstrators came from Zion Baptist Church and were led by assistant pastor, Jack Bell. He and a few others had the opportunity to speak and testify to the comic who came out to film protestors for his forthcoming DVD.

It was good to see so many standing against those who mock and ridicule the Word of God

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Betrayal at St Giles Cathedral

St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh 3/11/10

An Ecumenical Conference to celebrate to 450th anniversary of the Scottish Reformation was met with protests from Protestant Evangelicals.

Zion Baptist Church,led by assistant Pastor Jack Bell, reminded attendees that the Reformation was an event which established Scotland as a Protestant country.

Speakers at this event came from the Presbyterian, Roman Catholic and Episcopalian traditions. For a Roman Catholic to preach from the pulpit of John Knox was an insult to his memory.

Protestors held placards proclaiming that 'The Reformation was No Mistake'and 'No Unity at the Expense of Truth'.

First Minister, Alex Salmond, along with other prominent politicians recieved a copy of the Scottish Protestant View.

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Protest against the Papal Visit 2010

Edinburgh, Glasgow 16th September,2010

Pope Benedict XVI was met with protests from Zion Baptist Church as he paraded through Princes Street,Edinburgh.

Led by assistant Pastor Jack Bell, members displayed boards with the slogans, 'Exalt Christ not the Pope', 'God save Scotland from Popery' and 'God save Scotland from Blasphemy'. Roman Catholics carried flags with the message 'Pope Benedict XVI Our God Reigns'.

The protest continued at Bellahouston Park, Glasgow, where Mr Bell was interviewed by Scottish Television plus Italian and German press.

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Westminster Abbey, London 17th September,2010

Members of Zion Baptist Church joined hundreds of born again Bible believing Protestants gathered at Westminster to protest the arrival of Pope Benedict XVI.

They had stood for hours along with supporters of the Pope. While the Romanist sang and shouted their worship to the Pope and Mary, the Christians lifted their voices in praise to Jesus, the only mediator between God and man.

As the man of sin arrived shout's of 'No Popery' and 'Anti-Christ' could be heard well above the cheers for the Pope.

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As Biblical Protestants we reject the pope's claim to be the head of Christ's church on earth.

We reject the mass as an attack upon the finished work of Christ and reject Roman Catholicism as a man centred religion.

In 1982, Zion Baptist Church led by the late Pastor Jack Glass, protested against the visit of Pope John Paul II.

We stand on the Bible alone, and have no connection with any tradition or organisation that operates outside the Word of God. We are Bible Protestants and are opposed to Ecumenism.

Jesus Christ exalted over Marilyn Manson

Carling Academy, Glasgow 15/12/09

Marilyn Manson the self proclaimed Antichrist Superstar was once again met by a Christian protest in Glasgow.

Zion Baptist Church was led by assistant Pastor Jack Bell, at the Carling academy to make a stand for the cause of Christ.

Manson who has shown through his actions and lyrics his hatred for God and for Christianity. His recent album, ‘Holywood’ blasphemes Christ’s death on the cross and opposes everything that Christianity upholds.

The protest was met by a muted response from the crowd that on previous occasions have been very vocal.

We give glory to God for the opportunity to stand once again for the honour of Christ against this blasphemous act. We pray that God would use this witness to lead souls away from the darkness into his marvellous light.

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Jesus King of Kings not Queen of Heaven

Tron Theatre, Glasgow 03/11/09

Zion Baptist Church and other Evangelical Protestants made a strong protest and Bible witness outside the Tron theatre in Glasgow.

About 40 protesters led by Pastor Jack Bell stood to glorify the Lord Jesus who was being portrayed as a transsexual.

The play was staged as part of Glasgay, an arts festival that promotes the gay lifestyle and which was supported by city council quango, Culture and Sports culture.

Jo Clifford who wrote the play said, “I think it is very sad that the protest was made by Christians who have difficulties with gays and transsexuals”.

The leader of the Zion protest, Mr Jack Bell, said "Let me say that it was the blasphemous portrayal of Christ that brought us out in the first place and that herself and any of her gay friends are welcome to come to Zion Baptist Church anytime."

This blasphemous production was sadly once again being funded by Glasgow City Council. Our pray is that this city may once again strive to uphold it's motto. "Let Glasgow flourish through the preaching of the Word and the praising of Thy name."

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Glasgow’s Gallery of Modern Art 26.07.10

Almost thirty members of Zion Baptist Church plus a few fellow Christians protested outside Glasgow’s Gallery of Modern Art on Sunday, 26th July.

Visitors to a tax payer - funded art exhibition had been urged to vandalise the Bible, sparking outrage among Christians and also the general public. One newspaper among others had been deluged with letters and emails of protest. The new anti-Bible show, called ‘Made in God’s Image’ is expected to run until the 22nd August. The Bible was quickly covered in offensive gay rights graffiti, the worst of which is unprintable. The gallery staff eventually decided to put the Bible under a sealed glass case.

We live in a day when pure, evangelical Christianity is being discredited and marginalised and God’s people who stand for the honour of God and His Word are being more and more pushed into a corner and told to shut up. In our country where political correctness is the order of the day, blasphemy and obscenity can be exhibited in the name of tolerance, while the things precious to God’s people are trampled on. It is time for Glasgow City Council to reminded of the full motto of the city, ‘Let Glasgow flourish by the preaching of Thy word and the praising of Thy name.’

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Church of Scotland, General Assembly, Edinburgh 23.05.09

On the morning of the 23rd of May, 30 members of Zion Baptist Church picketed the Church of Scotland at its Assembly on the Mound, Edinburgh. As well as displaying slogans on our placards and banners, we faithfully displayed the Word of God, the basis upon which we protested. In the evening a smaller group from our church also protested and any hopes that other fellow Christians would have joined us were dashed, considering that only one person in the morning and the same at night joined us. We are not discounting the thousands who signed a petition calling on the Kirk to refuse to condone homosexual practice in general and among its ministers in particular, but this Assembly had to be opposed openly on the Mound and with the help of the media before the nation and even further across the world. If an Assembly was ever dominated by one piece of business it certainly was this one. The Kirk was asked to vote over the calling of an openly gay minister, Scott Rennie to Queen’s Cross Church, Aberdeen and after a tense four hour debate the Assembly voted by a 326-267 majority in favour of Mr Rennie.

The Kirk has never before had to set out an official position on homosexual clergy, opting only for a period of reflection two years ago when the subject of gay relationship was last discussed. It wasn’t just the probability that Mr Rennie’s supporters would win the day that brought us to Edinburgh, but that the witness plus Mr Rennie would claim God’s will was done and that the very Word of God would even be quoted to support them. In fact one of the Sunday newspapers printed a photograph of Mr Rennie standing with an open Bible. He is quoted as saying “We are a community of faith gathered around God’s living word and in a broad and national church there is more than enough room for us all”. To add to that we have the current moderator saying, “We are on a journey. We are joined together in Christ, but we do not have to agree with one another. We might need some time to realize where we are going, and I would ask us to take time to reflect and then move on together”. To claim that the homosexual life-style is compatible with the Christian faith and on a footing with marriage is to turn the grace of God into a licence for immorality. In the apostle Paul’s day homosexuality was rampant in the Roman Empire and Paul in 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 reminds the Christian believers that some of them had practised perversion before conversion. “And such were some of you, but you are washed, but you are sanctified, but you are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of our God.”

We cannot help but feel the gravity of Mr Rennie’s situation considering his own admission that he grew up in a conservative evangelical church and initially shared their perspective. May he yet find the mercy and the goodness of God leading him to the place of repentance. Some evangelicals within the Kirk have warned of a potential split, but that remains to be seen. We thank God that the media gave the protest tremendous coverage and that emails from abroad have been received. We are blessed in Zion that God’s people in other countries have been blessed and encouraged. To God be the glory, great things He has done.

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