Office Bearers

Mike Hawkins

Mike Hawkins Mike was born again at the age of 10 in Waterstone Baptist Church where his father was a lay preacher.

After coming to Glasgow in 1961 he met Pastor Glass in the church they both attended.

In 1965 he joined with the Pastor when Zion Baptist Church was founded. He became a deacon and was then made an elder in 1967. He joined with the Pastor in protesting for the cause of Christ whenever the need arose.
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John Mcdermott

John Mcdermott John was saved in 1966 when he was 27 years old. Soon after conversion he was involved in the Glasgow gospel open-air outreach and did so until he joined Zion in 1970. He along with his wife Joan sat under the ministry of Pastor Jack Glass for many years His passion for open-air work has continued to this day. He leads Zionís street evangelism and is often found preaching in city centre. He has been on many protests with Pastor Glass and Zion Baptist church across the UK and Canada. John was appointed deacon in Zion in 1973 and then an elder in 1998.
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