GRACE THIRD WORLD FUND came into being about 12 years ago through a visit to India by the late Pastor Matthew Else of Isle of Mann and a friend. While in India they came across a young boy who was crawling on the ground. When they enquired about his condition they were told that an operation could have him walking again but as he was from a poor family they could not afford to have it done.

On returning home, Pastor Else set about raising money for the operation. Enough money came in to pay for the operation and also for another boy in much the same condition. And so the charity was born.

From the charity came the Orphanage Grace Childrens Home which today has around 100 children living in it. The Home offers children a secure invironment, many of whom would have been begging on the streets or abandoned by their family To date the charity has paid for surgery for 16 children, 12 have had life-changing ortho-paedic operations, 4 life saving cardiac operations. Many others are on medication for minor conditions.

Administrative and other matters are carried out by the trustees and are entirely voluntary and any trips to India are paid for by the trustees themselves. So when you give a pound for a specific purpose, you can be assured that the whole pound goes to that need.

To find out more or to sponsor a child follow the link to Grace Third World Fund.